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Ion Exchange Nozzles


Ion Exchange Nozzles


Nozzles, Laterals & Resin Traps are basically filtration/retention components used in Ion-Exchange Columns. The main purpose of the nozzles and laterals is to keep the resins inside the column while allowing only the fluid to pass through. In case there is some leakage from the column then the resin traps are used as safety traps in the pipe lines just after the column. Owing to continuous operation of columns high reliability is expected from these components as any leak of resins will lead to untimely shut-down of the units causing heavy losses and high maintenance costs of downstream equipment. With apt design expertise the nozzles and laterals can be designed to avoid channelling effect and dead- zones in media bed.

Features & Benefits

  • Nozzles are used mainly for collection
  • They are fixed on a tube-sheet in preferably a triangular
  • The number of nozzles are decided based on the flow-rate and vessel ID to achieve  collection efficiency without having a channeling effect and dead-zones.
  • Sparging of air can be provided with special design of tail pipes as required by the Process Designer. Hence these nozzles are also referred as spargers in such case.
  • They provide very high mechanical strength.
  • They are generally provided with accessories like nuts and gaskets (EPDM, PTFE, etc.)
  • Depending on the application the nozzles can be supplied in SS 304/304L/316/316L, Hastelloy C276, Duplex, Super Duplex, etc.


  • NaCl Brine polishing up to < 0.5 ppm for Chlor Alkali industries
  • KCl Brine polishing for Hypo chloride plant
  • Safe Guard filtration to ceramic filters
  • Pre filtration to ceramic membrane

Comparison With Metallic Nozzles & Plastic Nozzles




Operating temperature Up to 600 deg. C 80 -100 deg. C
Mechanical strength Very High Low
Susceptible to breakage due to vibration No High possibility
Reliability Very high Low
Usability in high pressure applications like  CPU’s in Power Plants, Refineries, etc. Yes No
Downtime possibility due to nozzle/lateral  breakage Negligible High
Maintenance costs due to downtime over a year Very low due to low possibility of breakage High
Chemical resistance Need to select proper material Generally good        resistance
Cost High Low

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