Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter


Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter


crudPressure leaf filters consist of pressure vessels with vertically mounted leaves accumulated on a central outlet filter manifold. There is a pneumatic vibrator or oscillating sluice header and pneumatic controlled valve at the bottom of these filters for quick removal of cake – dry or wet. There are two types of filters classified according to shell design.

  1. Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters.
  2. Horizontal Pressure Leaf filters.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are very similar to horizontal leaf filters, except that the filter elements are vertical rather than horizontal. In order to allow cake or other impurities to easily exit, a butterfly valve is sandwiched between the conical bottom and discharge hopper. For opening and closing the vertical pressure leaf filter, it is provided with eye bolts and davit arm for the rotatable arrangement. This helps in removal of leafs for occasional cleaning purposes.

In the process of filtering, the slurry is pumped under pressure into a vessel that contains a stack of vertical leaves that serve as filter elements. The bottom of each leaf has a centrally located neck that is inserted into a manifold that collects the filtrate. The leaf is constructed with ribs on both sides to allow free flow of filtrate towards the neck and is covered with coarse mesh screens that support the finer woven metal screens or filter cloth that retain the cake.

Criteria for selecting a vertical pressure leaf filter

  • When the minimum floor space is available.
  • Where large filtration area is required.
  • In cases where the liquids are volatile and may not be subjected to vacuum.
  • When filtrates with a high clarity are preferred.
  • When the cake may be discharged either dry or as a thickened slurry.
  • Used for filtration of liquids with ~7% suspended solids

Features & Benefits

  • Proven Technology
  • Fully automated, ensures safety
  • High filtrate clarity
  • Requires only a small footprint.
  • Reinforced filter leaves elements provide extended lifetime.
  • High yield low product losses
  • No filter cloth – no washing or cloth replacements
  • The pressure leaf filter system has no rotating parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • Fast and effective cleaning without manual interference.
  • Easy to automate – operation with minimum labour
  • Wet or dry cake discharge
  • Intensive cleaning of filter medium is possible


  • Edible oil
  • Petrochemical & chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio fuels
  • Food & Beverages
  • Refinery

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