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Vibro Screen


Vibro Screen


The most efficient vibrating screen for wet and dry screening is the Vibro Screen, commonly known as the Gryo Screen Machine. The top weight on the motor shaft moves in a plane near the assembly’s mass centre. The top eccentric Weights rotate, causing horizontal vibration and material to flow across the screen cloth to the periphery. When the top eccentric mass is increased, the horizontal throw increases, forcing oversize material to discharge more quickly. The bottom eccentric weight rotates below the centre of the vibrating mass, causing the screen to tilt and vibrate in both vertical and tangential directions. Increasing the vertical component of motion encourages material change over on the screen surface, allowing the maximum amount of undersized material to flow through. The effective vertical motion reduces the amount of near-size particles that blind the screen.

The angle of lead given bottom weights in reference to top weight controls the tangential component motion. The spiral pattern of material passage over the screen fabric is controlled by variations in lead angle. For any screenable product, Wet or Dry, Coarse or Fine, Heavy or Light, Hot or Cold, the operator can regulate the speed and flow pattern of material travel through the screen cloth for maximum throughput and screening efficiency. 


Having become the most common form of screening, a Vibro separator offers very efficient throughput for a wide range of materials, meaning higher efficiency and productivity.


The material is fed onto the upper screen’s centre. During its journey to the periphery, the undersized substance travels quickly through the screen. A tangential exit discharges the oversize material on a continual basis. Gyro screens can handle up to five separate screens, one on top of the other, with feed trays in between, resulting in six accurate fraction sizes in a single screening operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple & Economical
  • Automatic discharge of oversized materials
  • Can be applied for screening particle, powder, liquid in various industries
  • All- closed design, no dust pollution
  • Sort material into multi-levels at one operation
  • Less noise
  • Long life with self-compensating screen tension
  • No transmitted Vibrations


  • Food Industry
  • Chemical industry
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Ceramics
  •  Abrasives
  •  Plastic
  • Leaching feed slurry

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